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    Web Development
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    Information Technology


–I Love taking pictures of everything!

Everywhere I am– I'm usually taking photos of something. I just love keeping track of all the beautiful things I see and then sharing them with everyone else. People particularly like my eye for photography, they say I have a way of seeing things creatively, I tend to believe them.

I've always been into photography, and I especially liked learning about photography in school. We were taught how to make a camera out of an oatmeal can, for crying out–loud. We learned all about exposure and how this creates a print on the film. Neat stuff.

I've taken all types of photos, but my most favorite are my landscape shots. Anywho– I have lots of cool photos to share with you, so make sure that you scroll down to check out my gallery!


–I design my own websites and create the graphics for them.

I've been coding since I was a kid. First I wanted to learn how to build a website to showcase my music, then that turned into needing to learn how to host music on the front-end of the page, and all that, next thing you know, I'm building my very own social networks!

My uncle Randy got me coding programs when I was about 12 years old. I start out by making a text based game based on "if" functions. I never did carry on past that stage of programming, however, I am very accomplished in my coding abilities.

I mainly code in CSS, HTML & PHP, however, I am learning more Javascript and jQuery, and I am also learning how to communicate with databases via PHP.


–Creator of GOOD COP–BAD COP

After working on the pilot for Good Cop– Bad Cop, I decided that since I pursued a GOOD COP-BAD COP pilot and that I had much more to share– that I should just write the whole first season of episodes. So I wrote the entire first season! Was fun writing this, and sometimes not–so–fun. However, what you see is what you get with me, you already know.

I really got into character when writing this TV show script, and feedback for this work is off the hook. I'm seeking investors for the series– so I created a Series Bible for investors to look at. People really loved looking at this, so I decided to share it with you!

The Series Bible PDF is available for download at no–charge, so you can feast your eyes on the fly– or just in case you want to show your friends!



Atakapa Ishak From the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas The Atakapan people are a Southeastern culture of Native American tribes who spoke Atakapa and historically lived along the Gulf of Mexico. They called themselves the Ishak, pronounced "ee-SHAK", which translates as "The People" and further designated themselves within the tribe as "The Sunrise People" and "The Sunset People". Descendants still live in Louisiana and Texas. In 2006 the Atakapa-Ishak met as one nation.

A lot of Atakapas were baptized Catholic due to missionary work in this area and educated as Catholics because of the work done by the now Saint Katharine Drexel and many catholic nuns & priests. Atakapa, other Native Americans & Creoles’ beautiful hues ranged from dark brown to “red bone” bronze to fair complexions. My spirit is Indigenous!


–Internet Search Results

“Yeshua” is Hebrew for “Jesus.”
The name means “to rescue, to save, or to deliver.”

We should only use the oh–so powerful name of “Yeshua.” Calling Him “Jesus” is disrespectful. The name “Jesus” alone– is unbiblical, because the letter J is a modern invention. There was no letter J in Greek, nor in Hebrew.

Yeshua is the Hebrew name, and the English spelling is “Joshua.” Thus, the names “Joshua” and “Jesus” are essentially the same; both are English pronunciations.

(For examples of how the 2 names are interchangeable, see Acts 7:45 & Hebrews 4:8–KJV. In both cases, the word Jesus refers to the Old Testament's Joshua.)


–Survived Bartlett Regional–Mental Health Unit, 2nd floor.

This one took everything I had. I had to face all types of people harassing me, staff stalking me within the unit, ridicule by "professionals", and more.

JAMHI psychiatrist, Emergency Room DR., the hospital's Psychiatrist– they all alleged that I was Bipolar, and from all my hard work it was proven that their prognosis (or diagnosis)– had no substantiality. They made their case– and wouldn't you know, the dang thing just couldn't hold any water at all.

They were so desperate to have me be a mental health patient, against my will, that they even tried placing me with a shady judge whom I determined had a conflict of interests and he was removed thanks to the Public Defender. Had I not caught that fact, who knows what would have happened to me in there long term.


–Decided not to join.

Nevada Highway Patrol was a flop, however, I've received pretesting materials in hopes for Juneau Police Department and aced the greater majority of the questions being asked, form C was a piece of cake,– testing form B not so easy! Still studying the materials anyhow.


–Quote from the movie Traffik

If you haven't seen "Traffik" or "Trafficked"– Please, watch them both immediately! I learned a lot about real life sex trafficking signs from watching them both. The more you know, the more people that you can save. Educate yourself by watching these two movies.


–Studied Martial Arts all my life.

Started out with TaeKwonDo, learned some Shotokan from my cousin, picked up a bit of Capoeira, Freerunning, Sword play & Jiu Jitsu. Genjitsu is my passion and I have a special love for Japanese culture. I've been watching "Ninja" and Martial Arts movies since I was a kid.


–Decided not to join.

Received pre–training to become a NAVY SEAL on Nellis Air Force Base. Practiced underwater diving, pushed to–the–max in the gym, pushed in the back & made to run the "Jericho mile" or fall on my face of not running. He was just a kid training me, however, his dad raised him to become a NAVY SEAL.


–Responsibility of the Commanding Officer–US Navy Regulations [1990]

A) The responsibility of the commanding officer for his or her command is absolute, except when, and to the extent to which, he or she has been relieved therefrom by competent authority, or as provided otherwise in these regulations. The authority of the commanding officer is commensurate with his or her responsibility. While the commanding officer may, at his or her discretion, and when not contrary to law or regulations, delegate authority to subordinates for the execution of details, such delegation or authority shall in no way relieve the commanding officer of continued responsibility for the safety, well-being and efficiency of the entire command.

B) A commanding officer who departs from orders or instructions, or takes official action which is not in accordance with such orders or instructions, does so upon his or her own responsibility and shall report immediately the circumstances to the officer from whom the prior orders or instructions were received. Of particular importance is the commanding officer’s duty to take all necessary and appropriate action in self-defense of the command.

C) The commanding officer shall be responsible for economy within his or her command. To this end the commanding officer shall require from his or her subordinates a rigid compliance with the regulations governing the receipt, accounting and expenditure of public money and materials, and the implementation of improved management techniques and procedures.

D) The commanding officer and his or her subordinates shall exercise leadership through personal example, moral responsibility and judicious attention to the welfare of the persons under their control or supervision. Such leadership shall be exercised in order to achieve a positive, dominant influence on the performance of persons in the Department of the Navy.


–Remixed via Seattle Life Coach Training.

A life coach uses skills, tools, and powerful transformational questions that allows the client to seek within themselves to find their own answers. What the client doesn't understand is that being lost in life is not only something that affects the client, but also everyone else they're coming into contact with. The people in their lives could be trying to tell the client something, however, the client is in such a frantic space of mind, that they can often miss what's right in front of their faces... the answers they seek.

A really good Life Coach Is Someone who can draw out the Greatness in You, paint a picture that clears the fog of negativity that could be clouding the client's mind. People tend to seek Life Coaches because they want to know something that "only a psychic" could tell them, but this is kind of silly if you ask me.

What a great Life Coach helps the client with is finding their purpose, power, passion, + gather a solid plan to get that for themselves.

A Life Coach will assist their clients with relationships, career, health, + spirituality.

A Life Coach will motivate & inspire you, if they know what they're doing. The right Life Coach is not only certified, but has the ability to story-bust & redirect. A Life Coach believes that all answers are already within you! They assist and encourage you to speak your truth– in a safe and nurturing environment– while asking all the right questions, listening, and giving honest & open feedback.

According to an article on, Life Coaching is “exploding.” In fact, nearly 20% of Life Coaches reported year-end six figure salaries.


Read these rights when detaining someone


• You have the right to remain silent.

Use of Communication

• Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Legal Defense

• You have the right to an attorney.

Attorney Availability

• If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.


• Do you understand the rights I have just read you?

Request for Info

• With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?



I was born in Jennings, Louisiana (BULLDOG COUNTRY). Grew up in Houston Texas (THOMPSON–STUCHBERRY–PEARLAND–TOMBALL), and Graduated from High School in Colorado Springs (EOP TESLA–PALMER HIGH). I've helped track down & capture countless delinquents caught in the act of doing some of the worst crimes. Some of these individuals also includes hackers. I'm so good at what I do that most people call me the real–life Batman, and I tend to agree. I grew up watching Batman almost my whole–life, and I thought that the act of helping people through means of independent investigation and vigilante crime fighting was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen.

Look, the truth is that I'm doing all I can to solve as many crimes as humanly possible before I pass on (Guess you could say that I'm Max Payne), and I need your help (Even tho I'm pretty much Dexter Morgan).

Will you please make a donation so that I can continue to help clean up the streets of our nation? Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can give, thank you very much for all your support, because this isn't easy and I can't thank you enough!


Mr. Trahan is honored to have worked with, or volunteered for these agencies

Chance demonstrates atypical thinking on the regular, strong ethical values, and unshakable moral character. He was the coolest Postmates Courier I've ever had– that's how we met. When I found out he was bidding for Sheriff, I called him as fast as I could to show my support. This just makes sense! He's earned my utmost confidence. Vote for Chance!"

Author image
Toby Dziubala Developer

"I believe that if you were to implement your views and the stuff that you want to do in Law Enforcement, I think it would make everything a lot better. Vote for Chance in this coming election. In every election! He's earned every second he can get to clean up the streets, and he definitely has the skills that dominate any cop's that I've ever encountered. My cousin is super smart."

Author image
Sean Bolton Photographer

"Your ballastics are nuts, Chance! The information you've given our forensics and investigation team about the Las Vegas shooting is spot on, keep it coming! This guy even gave us a full report on the main shooter who was claimed to be Stephen Paddock, tons of untold information about Stephen Paddock himself and what he's really up to, locations of most of the shooters, and over 4 gigs worth of intel on the whole entire deal."

Author image
Bart Medley ExCop/ExMarine