We The People DEMAND JustICE for the insider trading fraud scheme that happened in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017 and as Sheriff, I will enforce no-tolerance justice to white collar criminals. I have already become severely relentless at attaining it at all costs, and by giving me the use of the tools that the Clark County Sheriff has, I will stop at nothing to serve law and order. Being a resident of Las Vegas since 2000 over the span of 11 separate years, I am disgusted and feel sorely disrespected by incumbent Sheriff Joe Lombardo. I have seen Vegas evolve in a very nasty and gruesome direction, and that's why I promise to uphold the law and prosecute any and all criminals in Clark County to the fullest extent and to also tell it like it is to EVERYONE! You have my word.

Like everybody else, I have issues. One of those issues is the fact that there are homeless people being shot in Las Vegas, NV. And what's super important to focus on right now is getting help for the HOMELESS LIVING inside the FLOOD TUNNELS beneath the big bright neon LAS VEGAS BLVD strip with NO PLACE TO GO, ESPECIALLY when A STORM HITS. Look... the flood tunnels under Las Vegas should never be anyone's home. The floods come, they kill, and destroy belongings in their "homes", just like when floods hit anywhere else. Here I am, I'm standing up against the big bad government officials for this entire homeless community because they are our people too! We should not be calling anyone ingrates, we should remain persistent in the face of adversity, and we should not just brush them aside like trash. Not everybody learns the same. It's time to have compassion for one another. The time to shine the light within you has never been more urgent before. I am currently forming a nonprofit in order to do so. Can I confide in you to help me help the homeless that are living in these funky old flood tunnels? Since good o'lyin joe lombardo, slimeball sisolak, nor any of the goober goodmans won't do it, WE WILL! THERE ARE MANY OF US BEHIND THIS MOVEMENT IN MANY DIFFERENT FORMS, SO PLEASE TRUST THAT I AM DOING ALL I CAN TO HELP. I AM MANAGING THIS ENTIRE CHANCE TRAHAN FOR SHERIFF CAMPAIGN BY MYSELF! WHEN THE NONPROFIT IS FORMED, PLEASE JUST HELP ME TO HELP THE HOMELESS, BECAUSE ASIDE FROM YOUR VOTE, THAT'S THE ONLY THING I'M ASKING FOR HERE. UNTIL I GET THE NONPROFIT UP AND RUNNING, WILL YOU PLEASE FIGURE OUT WAYS TO HELP THEM ALSO? WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET AND I CAN'T DO THIS ALONE!