MGM CEO Jim Murren was seen at a stock trading education seminar at least 6 months prior to the incident. Ever since that stock trading conference, MGM CEO dumped his entire 80% shares in stocks gradually at high-price peak times and then bought them all back the day after the incident(Insider Trading is illegal). George Soros profited from this too through a put option investment via insider trading.

MGM CEO Jim Murren added terrorist attacks and gun violence and all sorts of related additives to all his properties' insurance. However we have just found out that Paul Ryan could be the possible ringleader of this entire operation. Only time will tell what else I find out.

Insider Trading Video


MGM hid Jesus Campos on the 47th floor of Vdara ever since the night of the 1st and registered his name as Bob Smith, and the person on Ellen was not even Jesus. However, Stephen Paddock never fired any shots and was never on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay the entire time the sounds of shooting was actually taking place. So who shot Campos, and was he even really shot?

The entire 47th floor of the Vdara was heavily guarded by even heavier armed guards that had fully automatic weapons and you could not reach the 47th floor while they allegedly were hiding Campos in there the entire time after the shooting. Mysteriously, MGM CEO Jim Murren manually added Jesus Campos to the employee database with no phone, no email address, no nothing for Jesus, just a name and a title of "Security Guard III". There were 7 confirmed shooters during this incident. If Jesus Campos never left Vegas, then who is this guy posing as him on Ellen? Was he a body double that came from Mexico? After all, there is only proof of Jesus entering the country after the Route 91 Harvest Oct 1st 2017 incident, not leaving.

Raw Footage of Jesus Campos


Corrupt Officials

Hillary Clinton allegedly asked Taylor Swift to do this event first before she allegedly asked Jason 'all queen' Aldean, and Taylor actually had to come out publicly and tell Hillary to leave her alone. It's speculated that she was bothering her for support towards her campaign... but was she? Let's take a closer look at Aldean: Jason is a hunter, was not escorted off stage, and still stuck around while there was fully automatic shooting going on.

Jesus Campos is the real shooter on the 32nd floor. A cop allegedly shot Campos on the 32nd floor. Bryan Hodge was allegedly stationed on the roof of the Mandalay Bay Tram with a Light MachineGun, or was it Mandalay Bay employee, George Predescu? Funny how Brian Hodge can't even keep his story straight, and hasn't even been seen telling his story in the media ever since. Hmm. In other news, 2 of the ground level shooters from inside the venue were seen on a college campus illegally in Juneau, Alaska 10 days before the shooting takes place. They were on the grounds of the University of Alaska Southeast campus hanging around the pavilion and playing Humans VS Zombies. Humans VS Zombies is a game that is played somewhat similar to American Football, per se. It has a season, it's rivaled between campuses, and whoever's campus has the most points at the end of it all wins. When you're turned into a Zombie, you switch your clothing. This is important to the case, because those in American Flag gear DID NOT GET SHOT AT ALL, and in fact some of them were allegedly murdering witnesses. They seemed to understand how to navigate the venue, were seen running around the venue in circles several times. Those who were running away were then chased out of the venue, forced to go northbound on the 'Giles Street venue exit' on the backstreet, where literally anything could and did happen, and it was very, very dark back there on the escape route many were using to try and get away.

The two shooters seen on campus in Juneau, Alaska were not recognized by staff nor student when asked. They were not even registered as students in Juneau, and are not known by the people whom were staffed at the dorms. What business did the group even have being in Juneau, Alaska and playing the game illegally with other students on the campus? THE GAME IS FOR STUDENTS ON THIS CAMPUS ONLY, NO STUDENT CAN JUST TRAVEL TO PLAY ON A DIFFERENT CAMPUS. Rules and school policy states that you cannot. Although, this campus in question does not have any form of true security, so it would make perfect sense for them to pull a stunt such as this here, who would stop them? Joe Lombardo whom is the incumbent sheriff of Clark County, Nevada allegedly took a huge bribe and is allegedly now using it to fund his current campaign for this next election. I would also like to know where else he's spending this money, other than spending it at all these corrupt big businesses in Vegas whom are allegedly now accepting his bribe money. Tell me now, is that a money laundering scheme? Is the current sheriff of Clark County Nevada now guilty of laundering bribe money? Wow! The level one might stoop to when in a powerful position. Abuse of power is a mental disorder and should be taken very seriously. It could save A LOT OF LIVES. TAKE VEGAS FOR EXAMPLE.

Proof Paddock Is Alive(Graphic Content)


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Chance Trahan releases the report of his year long investigation into the Las Vegas False Flag Event.