NEURO–NETRO-IONICS: This is a systematic effort to blindside the subject. In this method, the subject is placed under severe states of extreme psychosis at seemingly random intervals, how–e–ver, these instances are covertly planned prior to each event. While in this state of neurological psychosis, the subject becomes selectively activated to fits of anxiety, bouts of depression, & subject ultimately shuts down from time–to–time. Also while in this state, the subject then seeks the opinions of others, which makes the subject easily prodded for information– if subject is approached with genuine friendliness and gesture of concern or care towards the current focus of the subject. There is a frantic state of urgency for the subject to be heard out, with feelings of helplessness & defeat foreshadowing this seemingly bewildering–behavior being exhibited. Subject's neurological systemology is tarnished & replaced with a new set of psychological re-wirings via the netro weaponized psychological methods described up above. Subject's memory becomes a net that filters what is recallable as fact or fiction, if "fiction", the "fact" of the matter is let go of, and the subject moves on cautiously. What the subject's ions are attracted to become the attacker's point–of–scope to engage upon.


Pedophiles using #livestreaming #app to manipulate underage girls into heinous sexual acts, then maliciously sell these screen captured #recordings as filthy child porn @seanhannity @tomilahren @ingrahamangle They aren't IDing these users, and the Chinese development company won't do it. Their lame excuse is that they need more developers, how–e–ver they have enough money and developers to constantly create new features, plugins and gifts (virtual currency). They are making a killing. I used to volunteer my time trying to clean up the app, but the developers wouldn't help, only wanted more exciting new features. I told them that they will get that after they fix this pedo–problem first. Other users demanded Country IP bans, still the company resists– no budge. The #LIVEME development company resides in Shenzen China. They communicate via Skype group chats with their users who pour their hearts out with ideas to these said developers, hoping for an official badge and title, or free coins (virtual currency). Their development team's choice of neglecting the users' cries for 'security' over the app, and 'removing the ability to be an anonymous user' has– led to many misfortunes, & will still create many unfortunate–events, also for people whom are viewers whom will witness these acts. This Chinese development company is closely related to the bulks of electronic products coming out of Shenzhen* China. I asked staff for vape wholesale– & she reassured me that she's got whatever I need, but then cut–off communication with me like all of the other developers did. The Hollywood sector of the company liked me, so they gave me featured time–slots. That's how LiveMe began to take–over my life. The hopes and dreams of performing and not having to leave my home, and making lots of money doing it. After my time–slot, there were no more offers. The following got strange, the comments started becoming strange, the bickering between performers was awful, the big performers started leaving the platform, the begging for gifts & coins was overwhelming, the performers complained that the app only wanted more money from sex💃. Then I became a vigilante account reporter. Accounts were being banned because of me. This became widely known. I was called & told about Katelyn hanging herself & to watch, so I could get it taken down. I watched it, & by the end, BOOM– the video had already disappeared.– Awful. This was awful to have to watch, a 12 yr old girl, who'd been raped by her step–dad... prepare her rope in the tree, give her last words, say her goodbyes, and then hang herself. As she hang– body swaying in the tree & wind– the sun went down... Then– her Mom– calls her name.😢😭 The hardest part was screaming and crying because I had to watch someone from an anonymous account chant her on, cheer her on, encourage her to do it. But, it didn't matter now, she was dead... by the end of this brand new 40 min #livestream video, Katelyn– had already been dead. ℨ ℒ ℰ Ω — CHANCE FOR SHERIFF OF CLARK COUNTY NV. 🧠 ‏

2018-09-01 10:25:16 LEO JOURNAL

About Me I am not a danger to myself— nor others. I know how to take good care of myself. I am happy, conscious, and aware. I love myself and others. I respect myself and others. I am just trying to do the right thing all the time. I understand that failures are learning opportunities. I understand what I need to survive. I live to help others. I am always honest with myself and others. I love my life. I like to make other people laugh. I like working on my own. I love helping people out of their own issues. Law enforcement is my life. Music is my passion. Writing is my release. Politics are my focus. Drawing is my imagination. Coaching is my pride. Coding is my decision. Linguistics are my b****. Language is my love. Photography is the world through my eyes. Healing others is my mission. Investigating is my drive. Reporting is my job. I am an investigative reporter. I do not find myself becoming angered over someone else's analysis or diagnosis over me. I am trying to solve celebrity murders and crimes. I am trying to solve Oct 1st 2017's Las Vegas Route 91 shooting. I am trying to run for Sheriff of Clark County Nevada. I've campaigned for several politicians. I have campaigned for Kelli Ward & also for Donald Trump, I am not the sole reason I got him elected, to make that claim is either in a joking manner, or said with the intentions of it being loosely based on verifiable facts. I am not delusional, if any agitation were to ever come from me, it was due to verbal abuse towards me— prior to ever becoming agitated. If any aggression ever arose, it was solely due to someone not respecting me as a person, nor respecting my boundaries in the first place. My allegations made against anyone are always based on facts, as to where most other people's are typically based on hearsay. I am not paranoid, other than fearing for my safety and well-being based on people's blatant lies, misrepresentation of my character, and contradictory actions to one's statements. My opinion about anyone's psychological assessment is my right, and it is a basic human right. Why it would even be presented as questionable would be nothing more than libel or slander towards me, and a proactive suppressant of me voicing my opinions & freedom of speech deterrent. If for any reason your voice, opinion, freedom of speech, or your Pursuit of Happiness were constantly being suppressed by an overbearing, obsessively, compulsive, sovereign, holier-than-thou complex having, will never admit to their own fault, cuz they live in Magic La La Land where everything is perfect and they couldn't possibly be held accountable for any of their actions— you would instantaneously understand how anyone in their right frame of mind would eventually become agitated & start questioning their actions, especially if their actions constantly contradicted their words, and once you started jumping to the factor–based conclusions, you're labeled as paranoid, delusional, agitated, overly aggressive, highly tangential or "experiencing a flight of ideas". This is what's called being under mental duress— illegally coerced into doing things you normally wouldn't do. Typically, the only reason I would ever seem to be experiencing a flight of ideas, or be viewed as highly tangential, is because my mind could be racing as I'm trying to make sense of who all these strange people are— who are all the sudden— what I would call interrogating, harassing or disrespecting me and my rights. My mind works so fast, and to someone whose mind does not, it could easily be mistaken for paranoia. Calloused anxiety is often confused with "manic episodes". Just because you do not agree with someone does not make the other person wild and delusional. Tangential– means to not be able to keep on one subject, frantically bouncing from one thing to another. However, if the questions keep coming at me at a fast pace, then it might be a little hard for anyone to focus on one thing— and I'm told that I can focus on one thing rather well. So there. If one was overwhelm me with questions, information, demands, and threats of physical violence, how would one be willing to even comply with any of that odd and sudden behavior sprung upon them? Those are grounds that would make anyone seem paranoid– as well as to be experiencing "tangentialness" due to the overwhelming harassment & drama described up above— the same also goes for a "flight of ideas" and delusion. I am an investigator reporting the news. I am also an information technology specialist, you put any computer in front of me, Linux, PC, Mac and I'll prove it. I also have several websites and graphics designed by me to prove it. I should not have to explain my religious preferences, boundaries and my rights. I should only have to say this once. Although I may seem a tiny bit tangential from time to time, it does not require forced medication or anything of that nature. You can tell that I seem to have some issues, but I'm nothing like my bipolar dad was, who has and would hurt someone, or themselves. ℨ ℒ ℰ Ω — CHANCE FOR SHERIFF OF CLARK COUNTY NV.